I know from experience that life hurts when you’re growing and we all have, from time to time, experienced growing pains. I also know that some people refuse to grow and as a result, they feel nothing and the only thing worse than feeling pain is feeling nothing at all. At least with pain you know you’re alive.

Good for me, God speaks to me in a way I can relate. The heavens don’t open and a big voice doesn’t speak directly to me like in the movie “The Ten Commandments”. Instead, He drops a small thought for me to nibble on as I go about my day. Some people call this intuition, some call it gut instinct. Whatever you call it, every once in a while I get the smallest morsel in which to digest and it renews my appetite for growth every single time.

I was on Youtube this morning and I saw something that reminded me of Muhammad Ali and one of his most effective modes of defense: the “Rope-a Dope”.

The key to  this maneuver was to stand in a posture with your guard up that protected your vital areas while your opponent wore himself out attempting unsuccessfully to break your will. He even dared his opponent to break him, talking to him as the opponent gave him everything he had.  Ali knew his opponent would eventually run out of steam, but in order for this to work, the most important thing he had to do was efficiently and effectively protect himself on the ropes, move his head and rock side to side to lessen the impact of the attack.

LESSON OF THE DAY: If your posture’s not right and your guard is weak and you don’t keep moving, your opponent will most assuredly beat you up.

Tired of getting beat up by your circumstances? Consider your posture.