I love that my life at times has been difficult. Certain lessons only come that way, frankly. When things are given to you, there’s less appreciation for them. All I have is because of God Almighty, my choices, hard work and the groundwork laid by my dad.

My father was an uneducated man who knew that the way to financial freedom was through ownership. Over the course of his life, he worked very hard taking care of us while attempting to own and run a successful business. He didn’t have the know how or the means to learn what he needed to learn and he often dealt with obstacles of prejudice and racism, so while he passed his entrepeneurial spirit to us, he was often not building because of the sacrifices he made for us. He helped all five of his children pay for college and preached the promise that “if you get a good education, you will get a good job.” I only learned about his entrepeneurial side from my older sister. My dad was 47 when I, the youngest of the five, was born so by the time I came along, he had pretty much surrendered his desire to be a business owner and had instead, given in to the idea of settling for a decent job. He would go on to be a pretty successful man in the textile working industry with only a fifth grade education, but he was unable to own something that he could pass on to us.

My goal is to exceed his expectations for me. I got the “good education” and I have a pretty good job at the moment, but neither came easy because of some personal choices. I’m still not an owner, which means I’m at the mercy of someone else’s decisions. My delve into this online frontier stems from what I owe my father. Not only is my goal to become financially independent, but to own my own business; a money making system that I can pass onto my children, not just because it’s what my dad always wanted to do for his children, but because it is possible. I’ve got hard work in my blood so I’m well on my way. Pray my strength.